General Terms and Conditions

‘Premises’ means The Barn at Hurlands; the Barn itself, its Courtyard, the Cottage, the Gardens including ponds, orchards and tennis court, and the Car Park.

‘Owner’ means Hurlands Events Ltd, trading as The Barn at Hurlands (Company Number 11915016)

‘Client’ means the person(s), corporate entity or other body entering into the Agreement with the Owner.

‘Agreement” means the Booking Form, these Terms and Conditions and any additional terms and conditions agreed to.

‘Contractor’ means any person(s) engaged by or on behalf of the Client to come to the Premises to undertake any task whatsoever, including entertainers.

‘Booking Form’ means the booking form prepared by the Owner and signed by the Client.

‘Deposit’ means the down payment entered on the Booking Form, which in all cases shall be non-refundable

‘Event Day’ means from 9.00am to midnight on the day specified on the Booking Form.

‘Fee’ means the base fee for the hire of the Premisesfor the Event Day. Any overnight stay at the Premises will incur extra costs.

‘Security Deposit’ means the amount of money on deposit with The Owner to cover damage, breakages and missing items from the Premises.

  1. The Client is responsible for informing their Contractors and guests of these Terms and Conditions.
  1. The Client shall not sub-let any part of the Premises or assign the Agreement to any other party.
  1. The Premises are available for setting up by the Client and/or their Contractors from 9.00am on the Event Day. Deliveries outside the Event Day can only be made by prior arrangement with the Owner. Note the Owner cannot be held responsible for loss or damage of any items delivered to the Premises.
  1. All property of the Client and/or their Contractors must be removed from the Premises by the time specified on the Booking Form.
  1. The Client is liable for any and all damage caused by them, their guests and/or their Contractors to the Premises and its fixtures and fittings and other contents howsoever caused. Costs for any breakages or other damage to items which are part of an identical set and cannot be replicated, will include costs for the duplicate undamaged items.
  1. The Client is liable for any missing items from the Premises during the Event Day.
  1. The Owner accepts no responsibility at any time for property, including gifts belonging to The Client, their guests or Contractors.
  1. The Client must inform The Owner of the Contractors involved in their event no later than eight weeks prior to the Event Day.
  1. The Owner must approve all Contractors employed by the Client and the Client must use one of the approved caterers.
  1. Force Majeure; the Owner is not responsible for loss or damage caused by an unforeseen disaster that requires temporary closure of The Premises such that the Event Day is interrupted or has to be cancelled. For example, but not restricted to; fire, flooding, power failures.
  1. The Owner can end or suspend the Event Day at any time if they consider guest(s) to be behaving in an antisocial manner. The Owner may also charge The Client for any expense incurred to preserve law and order, during or after any event on or around the Premises.
  1. The Owner may ask any person(s) to leave The Premises at any time who is behaving in an antisocial manner or who is, in the Owner’s opinion, under the influence of drugs and/or excessive alcohol.
  1. The house is a family home and the adjacent area an equestrian centre. There is also an out of bounds swimming pool on the boundary of the garden adjoining the Premises. The Client is responsible for informing guests that access to these areas is prohibited at all times.
  1. There are several ponds on the Premises. The Client should make themselves and their guests, especially those with children, aware of these hazards and take appropriate precautions. Everyone attending an event at the Premises does so at their own risk and the Owner is not responsible for their safety.
  1. The Owner and the Client together will determine the position and use of items brought in to enhance the event. This includes but is not limited to gazebos, garden furniture, floral displays and any form of entertainment.
  1. The Premises has an inside formal seating capacity for 60 guests, and the Owner will determine the position of tables and chairs to conform with fire, health and safety regulations.
  1. Guests with disabilities must be seated adjacent to fire exits and the Client must inform the Owner of any such guests and their specific needs before to the Event Day.
  1. The Client must ensure that any Contractor not on the approved list is in possession of current Public Liability Insurance and that any electrical equipment is Portable Appliance Tested (PAT) and the tests are up to date. The Owner reserves the right to request a copy of this documentation at any time and will refuse permission to any Contractor who does not have the required insurance and/or whose equipment is not currently Portable Appliance Tested.
  1. Amplified music is restricted to the inside the Barn itself only. Outside music must not be amplified, and must take the form of low background live music, which is permitted until 6.00pm.
  1. The Barn is installed with a decibel limiter and is programmed to the County Council recommended 92 decibel limit.The Owner reserves the right to determine where all entertainment is positioned in the Barn, and all entertainment must finish by 11:30pm.
  1. The Client may provide their own champagne, wine and soft drinks for the reception and meal, which must be served by their chosen caterer. No corkage will be charged. All drinks following the meal will be provided by Hurlands’ bar, The Thirsty Hedgehog. Last orders are at 11.00pm and the bar closes at 11:15pm.  The Thirsty Hedgehog will open after your meal, but should your guests require spirits, cocktails and beer while they are eating, there is an option for The Thirsty Hedgehog to open earlier on request.
  1. It is illegal to sell alcohol to any person(s) under the age of eighteen. Sixteen and seventeen year olds are permitted to drink wine, beer or cider in the company of adults during your meal.   As is the norm, young guests over eighteen should carry picture ID as it may be asked for when buying alcohol.  The sale of alcohol will be refused to any person considered to be under the age of eighteen who is not carrying picture ID.
  1. Infants and children must not be left unattended anywhere on the Premises.
  1. The Cottage must not be used for baby changing. A baby changing area is available in the disabled toilet.
  1. Marquees are only permitted with the Owner’s permission and must be hired from one of our approved contractors. A surcharge for adding a marquee extension will be charged and must be paid with the final Fee balance.
  1. Only fresh or dried petal confetti is permitted on the Premises.
  1. No nails, pins, Sellotape or glue is permitted to be used anywhere on the Premises without prior consent of the Owner.
  1. No night-lights or naked flames may be used apart from candles on the tables inside the Barn.
  1. Unless by special arrangement with the Owner, no animals are permitted on the Premises with the exception of guide dogs.
  1. There is strictly no smoking permitted inside any buildings on the Premises.
  1. No bouncy castles are allowed.
  1. Fireworks and sky lanterns are not allowed.
  1. All cars must arrive through entrances as specified by the Owner and park in the areas designated for them. Cars may only be left overnight with prior permission of the Owner, in which case they must be parked in the designated area and be collected by 11.00am the following day. All cars are left at  owners’ risk and the Owner accepts no responsibility for any theft or damage howsoever caused.
  1. The Client is responsible for ensuring that all guests arrive and leave in a quiet and orderly fashion. The Client, their guests and Contractors must enter the Premises via the entrances specifically designated for them.
  1. The Client or a responsible person appointed by the Client must remain on the Premises until the last guest has departed. As the Owner must provide supervision whilst any guests remain on the Premises, there will be a charge of £45.00 per hour or part hour for staff who have to wait with guests beyond 1.00am.
  1. The Client pays a non-refundable 50% Deposit of the Fee on booking the Premises and the remainder, including a Security Deposit of 15% of the Fee, plus any extras, no later than eight weeks before the Event Day. The Security Deposit or the balance of it, if there are any legitimate claims, will be returned to The Client on agreement of the final bill.   Any charges incurred during The Event Day must be paid no later than four weeks after the event.
  1. The Owner insists that the Client obtains adequate wedding insurance if applicable, which should include Public Liability cover.  A copy of the insurance document should be sent to the Owner within four weeks of paying the deposit.
  1. It is the responsibility of the Client to book the Registrar for a civil ceremony on the Event Day and the Client must informed the Owner of the ceremony time. The Owner cannot accept responsibility for any errors in civil ceremony arrangements.
  1. Should any condition of this Agreement be held to be void or otherwise unenforceable, such unenforceability shall not effect the other conditions of this Agreement, and both parties agree to continue to abide by the terms of such other conditions.
  1. This Agreement and these General Terms and Conditions shall be deemed to be a contract made in England and it shall be governed by, and the rights and the obligations of the parties shall be construed in all respects in accordance with, the laws of England and the parties hereby submit to the jurisdiction of the English Courts.
  1. The Owner reserves the right to amend these General Terms and Conditions at any time.